4 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Flat Roof

Flat roofs are generally used for garden sheds/outbuildings/summer houses or commercial buildings, like educational buildings etc.

They have their place and can be very effective. However, they can be susceptible to easy damage if not looked after correctly. Not being sloped brings its own advantages as well as disadvantages. 

In this article, we are going to look at 5 tips to extend the life of your flat roof. Obviously, a repair or trick is going to be far more cost effective vs a brand new replacement. Hopefully these tips will help you save money! 

Firstly, you need to spot the problem, so remember to be mindful of your roof and what’s happening with it.  We aren’t going to say check it every time you’re in your garden, but check it out periodically, especially after any extreme weather. Reasons to call our flat roofing would include things like roof splits, blistering, water pooling or any other kind of damage that risks damage to your interior.

1. Roof splits

Roof splits are exactly how they sound. Self explanatory. A roof split is literally when you have a gap in your roof. This can be through general wear and tear or perhaps after some extreme weather.

A few things can lead to splits, like poor installation, vandalisation etc. 

If you notice a leak or stained interior tiles, your problem might be a split in the roof. 

We can quickly and efficiently repair splits. We simply remove the damaged area of the roof material, clean underneath where the split was, then lay the correct material over some adhesive solution. 

Although this sounds like DIY roofing job, you should still call in the professionals. Doing it yourself might ruin your insurance as well as lead to a bodged job with a recurring problem. 

Make sure you hire a professional who can install proper materials effectively. 

2. Water ponding 

Everyone loves a scenic pond. Until it’s on their roof.

You SHOULD have a drainage system to stop water ponding on your flat roof. If water is still collecting on the top, you should check your drainage system to check it’s not clogged. Your gutters might have dirt and debris in them. Sometimes its enough to simply clear the flow for the water to continue down your gutters.

After cleaning your gutters, if the ponding still remains, you might need a new guttering system. Or at least repairing your gutter. We can help you with a new gutter system, removing the ponding and replacing any damaged part of the roof. 

Obviously, ponding is a big issue, and will lead to damage on the interior of your building. Eventually, the water will seep in and your flat roof will be rendered as useless. 

Keep your gutters clear!

3. Roof blistering

This shouldn’t be a problem we experience in Cambridge. Blistering tends to happen in the warmer parts of the world. Blistering is where air gets trapped between the layers of felt on your flat roof. The air heats up, causes the air to ‘bubble’ up onto your material and cause ‘blistering’. Yuck!

If you don’t do anything about then, the blistering will continue to get worse. Hopefully someone in Cambridge experiences blistering this Summer, it will mean we have had a hot enough Summer! 

If left unchecked, eventually the bubble will burst and damage the material, leaving you with a flat roof needing repair. You will have a similar problem like the splits mentioned in point one and the elements will be pouring in before not too long. To fix this, we will simply remove any part of the roof that is blistering and ensure any new roofing materials are lain correctly. 

4. Avoid ‘natural’ damage

Be practical about where your flat roof is going to be. Work with the environment rather than against it. 

For example, do you have trees near your roof? If so, trim back the branches so they aren’t going to clog up your guttering and drainage system. 

Check for animals, insects and birds. You certainly don’t want anything making your roof their home 🙂 

Make sure to consult with us on the kind of material you should get rather than ordering it before speaking to us. We always gives our clients a range of options of which they can choose from depending on what suits their budget and requirements,  

And that’s it! These are some basic tips on extending the life of your flat roof, meaning less payments on repairs and replacements… Thanks and we hope that helps!