5 Reasons to Repair Your Current Roof Instead of Replacing it

Deciding whether to repair or replace your roof is not an easy task if you aren’t a roofing professional. You have the difficulty of not wanting to waste money at your home or business as well as not wanting to put yourself at risk of anything dangerous happening or having unnecessary damage occur because your roof is too weak.

You have to think about roofing materials, which roofing contractors to go for, roofing cost and more. Some people might not even have the money to get repairs or a roof replacement so they’re thinking about watching do it yourself roofing videos and getting themselves up there! We definitely don’t advise this and think you should look to professionals for most things you need – especially in the trades. We take courses and get qualifications to be able to perform these tasks for a reason – they’re dangerous and specialist. Also, you’re not going to be able to get the types of roofing materials you need at the same price that tradesman can.

So below we’ve compiled a list of reasons that you might want to actually consider keeping your current roof rather than replacing it. Yes, every other Birmingham roofing company is going to be pressuring you into a new roof even if you don’t need one. Now, that’s not to say that we won’t really advocate someone getting a new roof if they do actually need it, but we’re not the type of people to push a new roof on you if your current roof is fine or the situation deems that it’s a good idea to keep what you currently have.

1. A first consideration. What time constraints are you under?

How long does your roof ‘have left’ so to speak? Again, this can be tough without a professional’s help. You could be at so many points here and you need to accurately assess what your time constraints are. If your roof already has damage incurred to it, you might not have time to book a full roof replacement. You’re basically out of time and your roof has no time left. Plenty of roofers are going to need to know in advance that you need a whole roof replacement as they can be busy for weeks on end. Most decent roofers are going to help you out if you have damage and get over to you before anything like a leak gets out of hand. If you think your roof is likely to be damaged but you can’t tell, you have a bit more time and can plan to get a roofer in within the next couple of months. Just don’t let it get to the leaky stage. This way you can get your roof replacement without paying for the roof repair in between. Smart!

2. As ever, a second consideration is cost.

This is multifaceted. Okay let’s consider you have critical roof damage first. How much is the repair going to cost against just getting a whole new roof? If the difference is manageable and your roof is old anyway, it might be worth it in the long run just to get another roof as you might be paying for several more of these repairs in the coming months anyway. You’ve just had one critical bit of damage so the proof is in the pudding. So here’s another consideration. What if you’re trying to increase the value of your home or property? An old/brittle roof is only going to bring down the perceived value of your home as well as the actual value of it. So, you’re either going to lose this on the cost of your home or you can pay for it now. The benefit of paying for it now is that people will bargain you down when it’s them that has to put in the time sorting out a roof repair as well as the expense. People are funny like that. Ultimately, it might just make more sense to get the repair if it’s considerably less money than a whole replacement and you’re struggling to make sense of the replacement. It isn’t always necessary in every situation!

3. A third consideration is the amount of shingles you have on your roof.

Ripping off old shingles to put on new shingles will cost you more than just adding more shingles over the existing layer. However, you won’t be able to do this if you have 2 layers of shingles already as the law states you can only have two layers. So, you could just get the roof shingled over, which wouldn’t be a full replacement but would effectively replace part of the strong outer shell in a wholesome way without having to redo the actual structure (which would get costly). Alternatively, if you do already have two layers, it might still be a better option for you to get rid of the top layer of shingles, have a fresh layer put over this and save on having the structure being altered.

4. A fourth consideration is aesthetics.

If you get a temporary repair like some shingles being replaced over on your roof, these shingles are never going to be a matching colour as you’re going to have the brand new shingles alongside the old and worn shingles. These shingles will have been discoloured by the battering elements throughout the year(s) so you’re indefinitely going to have inconsistency in the colours of your roof. This might or might not be important to you. For businesses with a reputation to protect or where people are going to exchange a lot of money, you probably can’t get away with having a big ugly building. Some homeowners might see it as an unnecessary expense which is okay, save yourself on getting all the shingles replaced and keep the inconsistent colours. However, if you do care about the aesthetics of your home and your roof is highly visible, you might want to consider getting all the shingles removed and getting new ones on. This still means you might not have to get the structure re-done and you can just get all the shingles replaced. Think of it as a wholesome replacement without the costs! One thing to make sure with this choice though is that you have no moisture damage to the roof deck. If the underside of your roof shows warning signs of moisture damage, adding shingles over the top isn’t going to solve this issue. So, you might just want to consider full replacement at this juncture.

5. How’s your guttering?

If your guttering system is shot it might just be worth getting a whole new guttering system in place alongside a brand new roof. This way, your roofer can rip out the old guttering system, replace the roof and reinstall a brand new roofing system. Of course, you might just want to get the guttering done by itself and that’s okay, but things like guttering systems become cheaper as you spend more (i.e. on a brand new roof replacement).

So really, it’s about weighing up the different factors and what’s happening in your unique situation. How much time do you have? Is the repair needed right now? Does it make sense to get the full replacement or just repair the damage? What are the cost implications? Are you adding value to your home? Can you afford repair or replacement? Is the repair costly anyway? How will the aesthetics of your property be affected? Will your property still look okay? And how’s your guttering? Is it old and worn? Does it need replacing now?…. These are all considerations to take into account that you can use to possibly justify repair of a roof rather than repairing the whole lot. It’s up to you! If you’re one of the crazy DIYers, you could look at home depot roofing for supplies.