5 Reasons You Should Choose Our Contractors

Being a roofing company in Nottingham is a pleasure. We have been in the roofing business for decades now and we only want to grow the company and help more people. With virtually all the team being born and raised here, Nottingham is the only place we would want to work. On top of that, the whole team specialises in roofing as their primary trade. Between myself and the team, we love what we do and where we do it. 

Today we wanted to go over a few reasons why you should pick us to complete any roofing projects for you and your property. As ever, feel free to get in touch for any no-obligation quotes!


We always have a couple of vans out each day working on various projects around Nottinghamshire. Whether it’s flat roofing, normal roofs, just making a roof replacement – we’re always doing something. 

The team is always at least 5 men strong, occasionally taking on apprentices and young lads to help out with the operations. This means we always have our core team leading any project, but they get the assistance needed to see any job through to completion. 

Our team is dedicated, kind and skilled. These are the makings of a strong, core team that we can rely on to carry out our daily projects on your roof!


We try to break the mould of the average tradesman. Tradesman are perceived to be lazy, late and unfriendly. We are the opposite. Sure, sometimes we can’t make a proposed time, but we will always communicate with you where we are at and how best to proceed. In this industry, emergencies happen and our schedules can change relatively quickly (although we try to stay on top of that and not it affect you or your time schedule). Expect us to be different to other tradesman! 


We’re friendly! No one likes the snarky tradesman that shows up with a chip on their shoulder. You can expect the opposite. We’re all smiles! 

Having unfriendly people in your home is a pain. It’s uncomfortable and makes the whole experience terrible. All you really want is your roofer to get in, do the work as quickly as possible, and get out! We understand this and respect your property. 


All of the above is useless if the work isn’t good. With decades and decades of experience between the team, we’ve pretty much seen everything there is to see on a roof. This means we’ve dealt with most if not all problems out there and yours will be no different.

As you will see from our Google reviews and any of our customers (who you are welcome to speak to), our work is always top quality. Sure, things go wrong with your roof, this is the nature of it facing the elements 24/7. We have guides on how to prevent this and what do in various scenarios such as repairing a roof leak. But on the whole, our materials are procedures are enough to fix your roof to avoid the problem reoccurring.


We’re proud to be established and trusted throughout Nottingham. The day you lose your credibility and the ability to be trusted is the day you go out of business. 

We take enormous pride in being trusted and that’s why the majority of our work comes through referral and repeat business. 

You can trust us to give you good solution options, to use the best materials and to carry out thorough work. 


All of the above is pointless if we aren’t affordable. With more and more roofers entering the market, we have to keep our prices sensible. So that’s what we do! 

We aren’t cowboy quoters, though. Sure, sometimes things can change. But many cowboy tradesman will quote one price, but the goalpost will change once they get started. 

We never do this customers and are always as up front as possible when it comes to pricing and progress with the project. 

Everybody has heard the stories. Someone’s getting an extension on their home. They’re quoted X amount. Then the final price turns out to be almost twice as much. This is not good business! We don’t spring these kinds of traps on our customers. Experience comes into this too. We know how much projects are going to cost to complete, on the whole. So you can expect to never have some crazy prices sprung on you at the last minute…

That’s it for now. If you ever need any help with your roof, just give us a call! Even if you simply need some friendly advice.