All About your Roof Valleys

A roof valley is the gutter-like valley that runs between two sloped sections of roof. That is, where two sloping sections of roof meet, they need a way for water to escape. That’s where a roof valley comes in. Naturally, roof valleys undergo a fair amount of wear over time, given they’re designated sections that … Read more

Is Metal Roofing Worth it?

Metal roofing has grown in popularity in recent years, albeit slowly, as technology continues to advance. It’s becoming more accessible as an option due to its properties, but remains more costly than more traditional choices. Clay, concrete and asphalt tiles still dominate the roofing in the country. This is easily seen almost everywhere you drive. … Read more

5 Reasons You Should Choose Our Contractors

Being a roofing company in Nottingham is a pleasure. We have been in the roofing business for decades now and we only want to grow the company and help more people. With virtually all the team being born and raised here, Nottingham is the only place we would want to work. On top of that, the whole … Read more

Marketing Strategies For a Contractor

As a roofer in Nottingham, you need work. End of. Many contractors are fortunate enough to have built up long customer lists, a name for themselves, a good reputation and so on. This allows them to always have a steady stream of jobs to work on throughout the year without having to think too much about … Read more

The Best Roofing Service in Gedling

We operate all over Nottingham, it’s no secret. Right now we have a decent sized team taking on multiple roofing projects throughout the area. One example of this is Gedling. We’ve been roofers in Gedling since the inception of our company. Just like other areas of Nottinghamshire, we carry out all of our roofing services … Read more

Can your guttering be repaired?

For guttering repair in Nottingham and all local areas, call our local roofing team and we will be more than happy to help.  Gutters are essential to your home. There’s no denying that. However, when homeowners have to get new gutters or gutter repairs, they often pick the very cheapest quote they get. The BEST solution is … Read more

More About Our Gutter Renewal Service

After providing gutter repair in Nottingham for over 20 years, we are extremely proud of the service we can offer. We are Nottingham’s favourite roofing service and can affordably get any gutter problems repaired or replaced. Feel free to call us for a rough quote on any kind of repair you need. Of course, getting out to … Read more

What are the differences between Tiles and Slate?

If your roof is looking a bit damaged or dated and you’re considering a  guttering repair or even something new, you’ll soon realise there’s more to choose from than just the colour. Your roof can be finished in a wide range of materials, and you’ll have to make a decision between slates and tiles. There are pros … Read more

Warning signals your roof needs a replacement

Hi everyone! We are back with another article… Here are some telltale signs which suggest your roof needs to be repaired or replaced… #1 Cracked Shingles One of the most important signs is when your shingles are broken or have a crack. If you see a crack, chances are it might soon start leaking once … Read more

5 Best Materials for Roofing

When it comes to roofing a home in Nottingham or replacing an old roof, there is a staggering array of materials on offer compared with the past. Considering a roof on a new build or a renovation is often one of the costliest aspects of a project; it’s hardly surprising that cheap materials are the primary choice. … Read more