Choose Professional Tradesman

Roofing is one of the more dangerous trades out there and as with anything involving a high degree of risk, safety is the first and foremost priority. This is the most important of a number of reasons why you should hire professionals for roof fixing and roof installations. Since becoming expert roofers in Nottingham we’ve had situations over the years where we’ve had to fix a roof after someone attempted it themselves and it went wrong. Even professional tradesman need to be vetted when you hire them, to make sure you get the right people for the job. You need to avoid a low-quality job by hiring the right people.


There are number of problems that a roofing specialist can encounter and being unqualified or inexperienced increases the chances of them occurring.

  – Using the wrong tiles for the sharpness of the slope. Different slopes require different sized shingles to ensure protection. This can be an issue on new roofs, where incorrect choice of tile can lead to problems such as leaking.
  – Incorrect gutter installation. Gutters need to be installed very accurately, such that they drain well but don’t sag. Clogged gutters can be a real problem, causing water to overflow and potential get into the house.
  – No water barrier. Every roof should have special barriers at sensitive areas on the roof.
  – Starter problems. In order to get the right positioning of the tiles, the start should be along the edges (eaves) in order to protect these areas from water damage. You can also end up with an ugly bottom layer of tiles if they’re neglected until the end.
  – Poor workmanship. General poor workmanship will leave unsecured tiles, aesthetic problems, misalignment and excessive overhang.
  – Incorrect use of nails such as using the wrong number per shingle or attached incorrectly. This can leave protruding nails and a lack of integrity.

There are many other problems that can occur, but this is just a sample. Mistakes like these are all completely avoidable. The major problem is safety. Both the safety of the worker(s) and of anyone who might be nearby. Scaffolding needs to be strong and secure, tools need to be used correctly and guidelines surrounding working at height must be followed. Any incidents that occur will affect the time it takes for the job to finish and cause you stress and hassle to sort out. You need to keep them honest and check that they’re doing their job properly. Insurance helps hugely in a situation like this. In order to make sure you hire the right company for the job, follow these guidelines.


The contract protects everyone involved and both you and them both know the terms. A time period should be designated, as well as payment information. Check their qualifications while you’re at it, to make sure they’re up to date with their practices. This ensures their safety practices are up to scratch and what you’d expect.


Ask away. Ask lots of questions! Get them to explain exactly how they’ll carry out the work and what they’ll do. This way you’ll be able to hold them accountable. Unless the job is absolutely urgent, you should have time to do a little research, talk to a few companies and get a few quotes. If in an absolute rush, online is best to get a glimpse of what the company is about and what success they’ve had in the past. Don’t leave things up to chance, especially when it comes to the safety and security of your home. A damaged roof can be a real problem for a homeowner. The key point is to hire a company who have a proven track record, who have all the necessary experience and skill to carry out the perfect job in a timely fashion.

Summer has ended, and the hot weather is leaving us. Unfortunately, this means there will be more rain and weather that means roofs have to deal with a lot more stress and inevitably a portion of them will get damaged. Especially if your roof is damaged before the weather gets particularly bad, you don’t want continued problems throughout winter. Hire a professional tradesman with an excellent track record to make sure your issue is fixed to a perfect standard. You’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that a quality job has done, with your roof keeping you secure and comfortable.