Eight Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Here are eight quick tips we’ve put together to help you when you need to choose a roofing contractor!

1) Get local referrals

When looking for roofing in Birmingham, the benefits of local referrals are numerous. Immediately knowing a friend or family member who had a positive experience with a local company or contractor means there is already established trust. Local companies will know local suppliers and any regulations specific to that area. If you have ongoing issues with the repair, you know the company won’t be far away.

2) Get multiple quotes

Maybe your roofing job is important but not urgent, let’s say you’ve changed your mind for the roof you’d like on your soon-to-be-completed new extension. This gives you time to “shop around” – contact multiple roofing companies (let’s say three) and get an idea of how they operate. Do they have good reviews? Are they polite? Do they seem like a company you can trust to do the best job possible? A roofing company will usually want to come and see the property, so they can fully understand your problem and present an accurate quote. This may seem like a time-consuming task and you may be more interested in reducing time taken to get your roof sorted, but if you have any concerns as to getting the job done completely professionally, then do take your time.

3) Choose a roofing specialist

Some tradesmen try to cover as many sectors as they can, taking whatever jobs they can get their hands on. While this approach is completely up to them, when it comes to something particularly dangerous, such as roofing, it’s important to take no chances. Selecting a specialist roofing company maximises your chances of getting an ideal solution; a repaired roof for a reasonable cost, a smooth process during the job and no need for further maintenance. If you have a specific type of roof, check that the company has dealt with that type of roof before.

4) Testimonials

Given that many roofing contractors work locally and by word of mouth, you should have ample opportunity to see the general impression of the company from other customers. Look at google reviews, onsite testimonials and speak to anyone you may know in real life who has had a roofing experience. A company with outstanding reviews immediately shows trustworthiness and competence. If your job is urgent and you don’t have time to think, this is the best way to ensure you don’t get caught out by a subpar service. For example, you do a google search for “Telford roofing and guttering” and find a range of companies, some with google reviews and some without, and some with onsite reviews and some without. Sometimes roofing services in Telford don’t have a great deal of feedback which is not to say they don’t provide a great service, but if you find a company with rave reviews, that is likely to be a safe choice.

5) Guarantee

Reputable roofing companies will supply all the necessary protections, including a warranty to cover any faults, and a workmanship guarantee for the installation, so for example, your guttering job in Telford should be a smooth job. Before work starts, check how long the guarantee covers problems and amendments after the work is completed. You may have as much as a 20-year guarantee, valid even should you move to a new house in this time period.

6) Consider safety

All work should be planned to account for best safety practices. A contractor who has no safety training program is not doing their due diligence to protect themselves, their staff, and you! Do your research on their safety policy, check their website, or simply ask.

7) Licensing and insurance

Reputable companies should have all the necessary licensing and insurance in place for all employees and subcontractors, although it is always worth checking for yourself to ensure you’re covered from hidden costs and extra maintenance. Feel free to ask the company to provide a copy of their insurance certificates. If there is no insurance, or if it has expired, you could be liable to pay costs for any injury sustained by a worker on your premises. Let’s say you have a leak in your roof and you search for roof repairs Telford. You hire the first company you find, and one of the employees injures his knee on your premises. They don’t have the correct insurance in place and try to hold you responsible! Do your research, ask questions and avoid this situation.

8) Check your material options

Ask for advice on materials, especially with a completely new roof. Some may refuse to talk about details until you’ve actually signed for the job, but it’ll immediately demonstrate competence if they can thoroughly explain pros and cons of the various material options. For example, you need to find flat roof specialists in Telford and want the best option to add value to your build, so you need to know what your options are. Depending on the style and colour, the finished product can affect the resale value of your home, and if looking to sell you certainly want to find the best balance between cost and added value.

A company that strives to provide the best service possible and is always open to suggestion and improvement is a company that can be trusted. For the best roofing services Telford, check us out on trustatrader and at the social media links below!