Frequently Asked Questions About Roofs

Roofing is something that most people never give much thought to, until they own their own! Then, it’s like anything else – your appliances, your walls, your plumbing. Something that has an important function, and something that needs maintenance and upkeep to keep it going over time. Even if you do all the necessary inspecting, maintenance and general good practices, roofs have a finite lifespan and will eventually get to the stage where they need replacing. But the question is, when? At what stage can a roof not simply be repaired, but would benefit from a complete overhaul? Ultimately, this is somewhat at your discretion, but roofing contractors in Birmingham can do our best to advise. Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you decide whether it might be time for a brand-new roof.

Does my roof need replacing?

Well, that’s quite a broad question! There are certainly plenty of things to consider and here are some of them:

– If your roof is old
This might sound silly, but roofs do have a finite lifespan. 20-30 years is fairly typical with most modern shingle roofs, although some roofs can last closer to 50 years. If you’ve got an old roof there is a chance it has taken a fair beating from the elements and it may be time to think about going new.

You inspect your roof and find cracked, worn, loose, or missing shingles
You should inspect your roof twice a year, on average, to check that you don’t have any of the above afflictions. Once shingles start to break down and fail, there is a good chance that their neighbours are close behind. A repair might not be enough if other shingles are developing cracks that haven’t quite shown yet.

There is evidence of leaking on your ceilings
A leak can start as something incredibly small, but once it’s there, it’s not going away without maintenance. If you notice discolouration in the paint on your ceiling, it may be the result of a leak in your roof. It may be that if it’s one location and the rest of the roof has its integrity, you will be fine with having that section repaired. Don’t hesitate, however, what starts as a mere trickle can turn into something much worse if not dealt with quickly.

I can replace my roof myself, right?

Well, yes, if you absolutely insist! But it’s not recommended at all. Roofing is one of the more dangerous trades, and as something very technical that has a large bearing on how your house functions as a whole, it’s best not to take any chances. A good professional trader will install your roof safely, as per the latest standards, and will give you a warranty to give you peace of mind that any further issues will be dealt with easily.

How do I choose a roofing contractor?

This is of course something you want to get right. Do your due diligence, check reviews and ask questions. You want to go with a reputable company who have good feedback and really know what they’re doing. In fact, we wrote an article about it! 

How long does a roof installation take?

The entire process can take anything up to around four weeks. This means sorting insurance and giving time for materials to be delivered. The installation can typically be done in 1-2 days, except in rare circumstances like exceptionally bad weather.

Do I need to be there?

No, and most prefer to not be there at the time given the mess and noise that a roof installation can produce, but it’s totally up to you. We’ll clear up after ourselves, although do bear in mind it is a very messy job.

What will it cost me?

We can’t give a figure without knowing the shape and size of your roof, as well as what type you’re going for. We do quote free estimates to help you make your decision, so feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to give you a working figure.

How long will a new roof last?

This depends on a few things. Firstly, the type of shingles you go for. Concrete tiles, for example, can last up to 50 years. It also depends on the colour and amount of sun exposure your roof gets. More sun, and more heat absorption from darker tiles will slightly reduce the lifespan. Your contractor should give you a guarantee on how long your new roof should last for depending on what type of roof you go for.

We hope this helps but if there is anything else you’re not sure about then contact us now. Thanks for reading!
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