Picking Your Contractor: Reviews Matter Most

Roofing is a very serious and very delicate job. You shouldn’t just have anyone working on your roof.

“But what do you do if you don’t know a great roofer?”

Your first port of call should be asking people you know if they have used a roofer before, or a roofing Birmingham company or in your area. This is a review.

This is what you need to find out about their experience.

Customer satisfaction. Was the roofer good to you, your property and your family? Were they punctual? Did they do what they said they would? Did you like them?

Cost. Everything has a cost. Was it a fair price? Did it equate to the work that was performed? Did the price stay the same as to what was quoted?

Would you use them again? This is the golden question really. If the person you’re talking to wouldn’t use that roofer again, you definitely shouldn’t hire them either…

Testimonials from friends are simply reviews.

It would be particularly unwise to buy much in this day and age without some sort of review or support of what you’re going to do. There’s so much access to information and communication now that there isn’t an excuse to not place your money in the hands of people that are tried and tested and that you know you’ll get your money’s worth.

Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t help inexperienced people to gain experience when the time is right. But often, you don’t want that situation to be with your roof and that can be saved for other ventures. If you do want to pick an unproven person to do your roof, at least make sure they have construction experience and you’re getting a fantastic price. Then they can use the review you give them to spread their wings and do more good work.


The internet is a brilliant place and thank god for it. We always knew we did fantastic work and we get brilliant reviews along with plenty of referrals. However, it wasn’t always easy to prove and communicate this to people before the internet. We would tell them that we have an exemplary record, we’re punctual, friendly, well priced and everything you would expect from a roofing service and people just had to place their trust in us.

It’s very different now as you can get people who have work from you to leave verified reviews of the work you’ve done for them.

This means that the cowboys are separated from the true professionals that take their work seriously and can virtually guarantee great work (there is obviously the occasional human error exception).

Checkatrade is truly a great platform because of this. Not only does it help the customer to pick a reliable service and around their area, but it really works to separate the true professionals who take real pride in what they do from the cowboy builders who are looking for a quick buck and couldn’t give a damn about your property.

We would strongly suggest anyone and everyone to use Checkatrade…


Full profile: As a tradesman you can have a full profile for your company and your services, describing in as much detail about what you do and how you go about doing it. Checkatrade will take care of this for you with a bit of support from yourself.

Gallery: You can show off as much work as you like through the gallery on your profile. Everything you’re proud of can be displayed.

Exposure: You might be one of the only roofers in your area. We take advantage of this by being one of the highest rated roofing companies in Telford. Checkatrade is becoming a household name as they’re appearing on TV and everywhere else it seems. People will look for a service on Checkatrade and might pick you even without any or many reviews. If people can’t see you or they don’t know about you, they won’t use your services!

Verified reviews: This is the key to Checkatrade for tradesmen. There are a lot of ways you can put fake reviews online and plenty of people are doing that. However, when someone is leaving a review following exchanging money for your services, they have something invested and are very likely to be honest about how you were to them. If you were brilliant, they will want to reciprocate the great service by giving you a review and if you’re horrible at your job, they’re even more likely to let you know about it so other people don’t also lose out.

Judged on 4 main categories: On Checkatrade, you’re judged through 1) Reliability and timekeeping. 2) Tidiness. 3) Courtesy and 4) Workmanship. This gives future potential customers a good idea of what they can expect to receive when hiring your services. This means that if you’re going the extra mile for customers, it’s going to be reflected in the different


Trusted Reviews: You can be sure that any review given on Checkatrade is legit. So, you can dodge anyone that as bad reviews or has a review that suggests the company acts in ways that you would like to avoid.

Easily compare services: If you wanted a roofer in Telford for example, you can easily stack up the different roofing services next to each other. Maybe you want a company that is expert at flat roofing or that has demonstrated exceptional customer service. All of the top services will be displayed there and you can weigh up which company you think is best.

See who sticks to their price: A cool feature is that you can see who stuck to the original quote that they gave. Not to brag but we are also in the 97% range for this too!

That’s it really. Lots of pros to use it as a consumer and also as someone offering trade services. We know it’s great for roofing as there’s a lot of trust involved when providing a service like this.

Hire people with good reviews – either those you’ve been given by friends or verified reviews you can read online!

There’s no reason not to in this day and age where information is so easily communicated. Reviews matter and you should use them before investing thousands back into your life and property.

Good luck to roofing companies out there in Birmingham and beyond that aren’t gathering their reviews or have bad reviews! Reviews are the *proof* of your service’s standard!

Disclaimer: We know there are probably other good reviewing style websites but we’ve found Checkatrade to be the best.

To be honest, we’ve had some bad experiences with other websites that offer a similar service and just couldn’t recommend Checkatrade anymore.