Protecting Yourself When Hiring a Roofing Firm

Protecting yourself when hiring a roofing firm

Calling in external tradesman to your house is always a risk no matter how many precautions you take. This goes for any trade. Be it roofers in Cambridge or any other trade business out there. However, there certainly are precautions that can be taken. Protect your money and your home by making smart decisions. 

Plenty of people out there have experience hiring a roofing contractor who has cut corners for themselves. Sure, this helps the roofer, but it doesn’t help one of your most important assets… your home. Let’s look into 4 key things you should look out for when hiring a roofer in Cambridge or Cambridgeshire to keep you protected. Follow this article to make sure you get a great roofing team and a great final result. 

Workers compensation 

Ask that your roofer has workers compensation. Obviously, working as a roofer has inherent dangers. They are climbing and scaling tall buildings and working with heavy and dangerous equipment. 

Let’s use an example. Imagine you have hired a roofer to fix a leak in your roof after a heavy storm. The tradesmen might slip on a slippery surface. They then fall off your roof and break their leg. The tradesmen then says that you are responsible for his damages and injury claiming that you must pay and cover all expenses… Simply because he was working at your property. You can avoid these types of claims by having roofers compensation, an insurance policy which protects tradesman against harm while working. If your tradesman does have roofers compensation, then they will be able to have their medical treatment paid for, as well as paid leave. Always make sure that your roofing contractor has roofers compensation to avoid getting sued unnecessarily.

Liability insurance

Imagine this scenario. A tree swings through the air hits, your roof and breaks multiple tiles. Your knee-jerk reaction is to call the first roofing company you find on Google without checking Cambridge roof repair reviews. Anyway the company you call get to work. They say the job will take 2 days to complete. During the first night, there’s a downpour and a load of rain-water gets through the gaps. Your contractor has made a mistake. 

You assume everything is fine as they should have liability insurance. However, the contractor says his insurance policy does not cover water damage to the interior of your property. You then have to pay out additional funds to cover the damage. This is why it is important to check Cambridge roofer reviews! You must double check the extent of the liability insurance that your hired team has. Some policies are extremely cheap and cover virtually no accidents that are likely to happen.  Always double check for rain-water damage! 

Proper business licensing 

Let’s say a roofing company fixes your garage flat roof. Only a week later there’s a small leak coming through. You obviously try to call them back in to rectify the roof leak. You search on google and can no longer find them. You call their number and it goes through to voicemail. This situation occurs a lot when people don’t do proper due diligence. After some real digging, you find out they don’t even have a proper business license. In this case, no one will come to save you and all garage flat roof repairs must be paid for by you. Make sure the company you are going to call is registered with companies house. Simply type in the business name and companies house to see if they’re there. Now, it could be the company is actually registered under a different name, sometimes this is in the footer of a website. You can also call the company and ask where they are on companies house in case they are listed under a different alias. 

Sure, some dodgy companies can probably do a good job, but you won’t have the same level of professionalism, insurances and ongoing maintenance protection that a legitimate company will offer you. 

Lien Waiver

What looked like a great re-roofing job. A brand new roof. Actually turns out to be a nightmare. You’re happy with how it looks, you pay and a week later you get a call from your roofer asking you to pay for the materials. You’re puzzled and find out your contractor never paid the supplier for the materials used. Believe it or not, you are now required to pay for these materials if you did not sign a lien waiver. If you never get presented with a waiver before works start, request one! Especially before you pay, it’s too late after you pay. 

A waiver protects you from these unwanted payments. For example, if the roofers don’t pay the suppliers or they don’t pay their staff. We’ve heard of this a lot and you should put measures in place to avoid it. 

Keeping yourself safe 

Yes. All of these are uncomfortable to do and ask. A lot of the trade world moves through recommendation and trust. But you can never be too careful, really. All you need to do is ask a few hard hitting questions that should be answered easily if the roofer is worth anything. Making these large house purchases like new roofs is daunting so you’ll feel a whole better if you put these measures in place first. Take extra precautions like checking reviews, asking other people if they’ve hear of you and so on.