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Roofers in Birmingham

Our professionally managed, competent roofing services range from small repairs to full industrial and commercial metal roof installations. Longstanding roofing contractor experience means we’re prepared to take on all roofing jobs. For the best local roofer near you, call us today!


The process is simple. Get in contact with us, let us know your problem, then we will come and visit you and the property. From there we can provide you with a range of competitive options for you to choose from.  


We will be sure to provide the best service throughout the whole of Birmingham!


Pick a company with experience. Our team is based in Birmingham and can provide you with a wide range of roofing services from small to large. e provide a quality and fully insured roofing service carried out by seasoned, qualified professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you give prices on your website?

Answer – Yes! Where possible. Check out each service page and we attempt to give rough estimations of prices for each service. Of course, this can be difficult, but we know you want rough estimations. Your best bet for getting a good price for any works that need completing is in person! 


Question: Do you serve anywhere other than Birmingham?

Answer – For the most part, we like to serve Birmingham however we do serve other areas in the UK. You can feel free to call us if you fall out of this area because there can be exceptions, but we will most likely only serve the aforementioned areas. 


Question: Can you prove your qualifications and insurances?

Answer – Sure, simply request that we come to your site visit with any kind of insurances and qualifications you would like to see. 


Question: Do you offer all roofing services?

Answer – We offer just about every roofing service you need. There are a few things we don’t do, like solar panel roofing, but we are happy to give out referrals and recommendations for services we don’t provide. 


Question: My roof is leaking, what should I do?!

Answer – Make sure make sure to discover where the leak is situated and then prevent any water entering your property. A leaking roof causes a lot of damage to a property and if you leave it unattended, it will get bad quickly. In most cases we can get a speedy service out to you so you aren’t worrying about your home getting into deep water. Our intention is not only to fix the any leakage, but also to provide a quality service, professional advice and suggestions on how to maintain the condition of your roof moving forward. Give the team a call and one of our roofers in Birmingham can pop in and assess the damage free of charge. Don’t wait as water damage compounds on itself 


Question: How much does it cost to re-tile a roof?

Answer – As already mentioned this can be hard to define. The types of tiles you opt for and the area all have a an impact on the estimated square metre cost.

Thankfully, a tiled roof should last for multiple years without needing a roof repair. Tiles are meant to hold up for literally a lifetime because they are usually formed of either clay or concrete. Wear and tear might get the best of your tiles… Storms will certainly have something to say about lasting a lifetime, but they are generally very strong and sturdy. We have a dedicated teams of roofers in Birmingham who are tiling experts and have seen every type of tiling issue.  


Question: Do you offer felt roofing replacements?

Answer – You may or may not know that asphalt is one of the main components of a felt roof. As ever, the elements are going to be what put that asphalt to rest. When asphalt becomes too hot or too cold it can become brittle. From there, the material can crack and no longer be fit for purpose. But yes, we can deal with felt roof repairs and any other kind of flat roof issues that you are facing. We truly are the best local roofers you could ask for! 


Question: How much would it cost to repair a flat roof?

Answer – The cost for roofers in Birmingham to repair a flat roof will be dependent on the issues we are facing. Rest assured that we can get out to you quickly to provide you a quote and stabilise the roof before you face it collapsing. Being fast to the job means we could save you a large sum of money  – and the repairs should be handled swiftly, usually before the whole thing collapses. All roofing materials and equipment is fine by us – we can work with hot tar, modified bitumen, polyurethane foam or corrugated metal. The coatings we use help to keep the inside cool enough when it starts heating up. When a brand new or replacement roof is needed across the entire roof or just certain parts to save you cash – we will always let you know. We enjoy saving you money and knowing that our service is quality. This will reflect from the moment you get in contact with us.


Question: Do you offer chimney repair services?

Answer – Chimneys are probably the most basic part of your home’s layout yet a kit if chimney issues are misdiagnosed and should be a quick fix yet turn into a really long drawn out project.

Whenever a chimney is in need of repair or replacement, a site visit will be carried out by our team. Our pro team can carry out any type of project with absolute perfection whether you need; chimney crown repair, tuck pointing, a leaking chimney, lead roofing repairs or chimney masonry problems.

Your chimney box bricks and mortar can suffer from exposure to fire continuously over time. At the top of your chimney, ‘freeze-and-thaw’ cycles will often leave the head needing repair. You can also hire us for regular chimney maintenance and cleaning to ensure issues don’t happen again.


Your Roofing Service in Birmingham


 We provide every kind of roofing service you would need in Birmingham. Keep reading for a full list. Our service operates throughout the entirety of the county, so Birmingham is certainly one of our main areas that we operate in. We love having projects there.

The people are friendly, the town is vibrant and there’s plenty to do. It’s also one of the nicest places to be during the Summer. The city comes alive and we love it!! Hey, have a roofing problem? Give us a or an email and we’d love to give you some advice and if needed, a quote after seeing what needs doing. 


Let’s look at some of our services:

Roof Replacements

If you require a brand new roof of any form of material, we can assist you. After completing literally hundreds of re-roofing projects throughout our time, we can get this sorted for you safely and professionally. First get in contact to discuss your requirements, budget and expectation. Then we can visit you to see what’s the best solution for you. Whether it’s slate, commercial, metal, a garage roof… anything! We can get new roofs done affordable and professionally.

  Roof Repairs

Our roof repair service is all encompassing, meaning we can repair every kind of roof out there quickly and affordably. Whether you have a small roof leak, storm damage or anything more dramatic, we can get out to help you. This includes emergency roof repair where no time can be spared.


Gutters are essential in driving rain-water out of and away from your home. The elements are what your roof are protecting you from and your guttering system is no different. Whether you need gutter installation, gutter leak repair or just gutter repair in general – we have provided these services hundreds of times. Let’s take a look at your best options depending on your requirements and budget.

And more! Check out the rest of our site to see our whole list of services. We can do anything from garage roofs, industrial and commercial roofs, chimney services and more! Certainly, roof replacements, roof repairs and guttering services are out most used services in Birmingham. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Local Birmingham Roofers

Hi there and thank you for getting onto our website. You are in the right place if you have any kind of roofing problem and are based in and around Birmingham!

Our service is all encompassing, meaning that we can solve any kind of roofing problem. Whether you have a small residential project or a large commercial project, we have a capable team ready to take on any challenge!

After operating in the area for years, we can say we are a fantastic choice for any Birmingham local! It’s been a staple of our working careers and hope to continue working here for a long time!

Without further ado, these are some of the services we can help you with:


Brand New Roofs

Do you need a brand new roof replacement? Is your roof decades old, worm, in constant disrepair and in need of an upgrade? We have you covered! We have completed endless new roof replacements, leaving customers with a flawless, beautiful roof that will last for years to come.

Depending on your home, we can provide you with a range of roofing tile options for you to choose from. That way, you get the look as well as the protection your home deserves.

To progress with a new roof, first call us in to see the condition of your home and roof. From there, we can provide you with those range of options for you to pick from and get the best solution for you.

This goes for any type of new roof replacement. Again, we do residential as well as commercial. We also install flat roofs, garage roofs and everything else. We install new roofs, quickly and professionally!

Need a trusted roofer?

You’re in the right place! Our roofing team cares about roofs and we care about the people we work for.

When it comes to the main protector of your home, you need the best tradesman possible with decades of experience, that’s us!

We will complete a job that will be safe for your and years to come, guaranteed.

Repair Your Roof

Our most common service by far is roof repair. It only takes the elements to go stir crazy and we get 10 calls about damaged tiles and leaks.

Obviously, it is more cost-effective to repair your roof rather than replace it, so we can extend the life of your roof should it be in disrepair.

This goes for anything from simple shingle damage, all the way through to dramatic and substantial damage.

In the instance you DO face substantial damage, we can get out to you through our emergency service. You can call us and we will send someone from the team to get to you as soon as possible.

There is usually an extra charge depending on the situation, but we will make you aware of this during any communications.

Our roof repair service is all encompassing, meaning we can repair every kind of roof out there quickly and affordably. Whether you have a small roof leak, storm damage or anything more dramatic, we can get out to help you. This includes emergency roof repair where no time can be spared.

Fascias and Guttering

Also knows as ’siding’ – we can help with this aspect of your roof too. What is more commonly an American part of the roof, we still use fascias and soffits on most every residential roof out there.

Should you require brand new fascias and soffits or just some basic maintenance and repairs – that’s not a problem. We have created and repaired hundreds of these by now and have seen it all.

Should you need a brand new fascia, we can discuss with you the exact style and colour which will most suit your building for the best result possible!

All Roofing services

We can complete any roofing service that you require. From repairs, guttering, new tiles, emergency call outs – you name it, we can do it. After being in this business for so long, we are confident we will deliver the best local service possible to you! 

All you need to do is give us a ring, speak to one of the team and we will happily visit you in Birmingham or wherever you are based for a free quotation!

Local Experience

Don’t call in someone from out of town. Call in a local team who grew up around the area and know it like the back of their hand. We are from the area and have spent considerable time in Birmingham. Not to mention all the projects we have completed there.

Get in touch to speak about re-roofing and your home!

In an ideal world you will be getting your roof checked every 6-12 months at least. This doesn’t include you just generally checking your guttering, fascias etc. to make sure they aren’t clogged or blocked. We know this is a pain to do, but it will definitatley  save you money in the long run! 

Here are some telltale signs you need your roof might be in disrepair. At the very least, you should get roofing professionals like our tradesmen to come and inspect your roof. Hopefully you’ll only need repairs, but it could be time to get a new roof installed.

  • Sagging roof deck. This means your roof has suffered water damage and needs to be seen really urgently. 
  • Water/moisture etc. appearing on your walls and ceilings. Can you see signs of water damage on your walls or ceilings? This could be any sort of discoloration, dark spots or trails. Again, this is an urgent problem that needs sorting quickly.
  • Tile problems. Are your tiles damaged or have they even been disfigured by the elements? Luckily Birmingham doesn’t suffer too badly from severe weather so you shouldn’t experience this too much. Sometimes you might just have a dodgy tile or two… Or it could mean your tiles are reaching the end of their age and a re-roof is your best option.
  • Light seeping through your roof. If light is able to seep into your attic or any room in your home, it won’t be long before water is following… 
  • Another common indicator is pieces of single breaking into the gutter, essentially warning you that the tiles are slowly fading.
  • Also look out for wear and tear on the penetrations of your roof, like the vents and chimneys.
  • For any re-roofing needs, you can call us to provide a site survey and free quotation. We’ll help you go over the best options. 
  • We are the most reliable roofers in the area and would love to help you with any issues you are facing!

Roof Installation - The Professional Way

Time to replace your whole roof? Our Roofers have you covered. Give us a call for the best service in Birmingham.


How much does it cost to re-roof a house?

Let’s look at the factors which most influence the cost of a brand new roof. The most expensive part of your roof is going to be the materials opted for. The most common type of materials used are slate shingles, asphalt sheets, wood shingles and laminate tiles. Laminate and slate are very similar. The lowest choice you can go for is asphalt. Slate, as we mention in our slate page, are usually the most expensive. As ever, your cost is largely dictated by WHAT you want. And what you want is highly determined by what forms it… The materials! Pretty much all trade businesses’ biggest overhead and expense incurred to the customer is the materials purchased to then carry out on your project.

What’s more expensive than slate is metal and corrugated roofing. The material is even more expensive, making for a more expensive final price. Another main factor is the kind of roof you are getting. Is your roof sloped? Is it low pitch? Is it high pitch? These are all going to affect the price.

Another thing to consider is conservation areas. Many areas in Birmingham are within conservation areas. This means applying to the council for permission to carry out works. The cost to apply for planning can vary, but it’s always in the hundreds… And sometimes you aren’t granted permission! The price will depend on where you are based, the amount of work being undertaken and other factors like the age/size of your house.

Size is always going to play a major factor. As you will notice on the website, we tend to calculate the cost of anything by your roof’s square footage.

Another factor is the features on your roof. Do you have a chimney, or a skylight? This could require more hours to get the job done correctly.

flat re-roofing costs per square metre (sqm)

  • Felt re-roof (material = bitumen): generally about £50 per square metre to install.
  • Single ply re-roof: generally about £80 per square metre to install.
  • Fibreglass with lead work: generally about £90 square metre to install.
  • Metal flat roofs: generally starting at £50 per square metre for lead work without installation. Metals like Zinc are more like £100 per square metre plus labour time to install.
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