Should You Clean Your Gutters Yourself?

Gutters are an integral part of your roof. They’re really out of the way up there, so lots of people forget about them!

As gutters are so high up, it can make them dangerous to clean or repair. You need proper equipment and training in order to safely and effectively reach them. 

You COULD go at it alone… But that’s risky, right?!

Sure it is. Luckily, we are fully insured, qualified and ready to tackle any of your guttering issues! If you’re looking for guttering repairs in Cambridge, look no further!

Moss and other gutter problems

As gutters are often right under a roof, it’s a nice environment for moss to grow and prosper.  Moss can cause blockages which lead to rainwater not being able to flow nicely through your guttering system and into a water butt or drainage system. 

The problem with blockages is that power will now flow to wherever it wants. This could be over the side of your gutters, leading to staining on your building. 

Like your roof, your gutters are subject to the elements. This means that all the litres of water they transport, all the wind, snow and sleet they encounter – will eventually destroy it.

As such, you should pay attention to your guttering. Make sure that it is strong and stable. Because, eventually, it will become loose, crack and cannot function as a gutter should. Whether it’s the Summer heat or the harsh Winter nights – your guttering will become compromised eventually.

In order for your gutters to withstand the test of time – you will need to clean them. You COULD hire a company like ours for gutter maintenance… Or you could simply clean them out yourselves. It’s not exactly rocket science either. You simply remove all the dirt, debris, moss and any other blockages.

Whether you have aluminium guttering, steel guttering, plastic, cast iron or copper… They all need the odd bit of maintenance and cleaning.

Although I said, sure, you can get up there and clean your own gutter – it should be in your best interest to outsource this. Although paying for things is annoying – we have to do it sometimes.

Not only are you not insured, trained or paid to do the work… You could also get really injured if you fell off your ladder. Unless your gutter is easy to get to, you’re already a handyman and confident with this kind of thing – you should just give it a miss. 

So if you need a hand cleaning out your gutters and you’re in Cambridge, you can feel free to give us a call.

Also, we operate in Cambridgeshire and can help you if you’re in any of the villages, towns or boroughs scattered around the area.

We’d be more than happy to help! Or if you simply want advice about your gutters, that’s no problem too. 

If you really wanted to get multiple options, you could check out this Checkatrade guttering site for other tradesman!