Should You Get A Metal Roof?

Metal roofs have become increasingly more popular in Cambridge as recent years have gone by. Metal roofing technology continues to advance and is therefore becoming more accessible to business owners and home owners alike. Metal roofing is still relatively expensive compared to other more traditional choices, but it is certainly gaining popularity. Traditional roofing materials like slate, clay, and asphalt tiles are still the most popular choice by far. Just travel around Cambridge for the day and you’re sure to see these on virtually every roof out there. So, this poses the question – should we be switching to metal roofing? Is it the better choice, or are the traditional techniques still superior? Metal roofs definitely have some strong positives to them, especially compared to traditional choices. Both have benefits. But let’s look at the reasons that metal roofs are growing in popularity and why you might want to buy and install one. We are a reliable Cambridge roofing company roofers and you can trust us when it comes to providing the best knowledge and resources when it comes to your roof! 

Age potential

Most traditional roofs will last about 20 years if they exceed their expectations. It’s hard to quantify an exact lifespan of traditional slate tile roofs as there are so many variables – but these types of roofs survive for decent lengths of time before needing to be replaced. In the roofing space, the average lifespan of a slate roof is highly debated Many roofing contractors won’t offer warranties against these more feeble roofing materials because they know they are bound to break sooner or later. 

Metal roofs can be accompanied with lofty warranty periods, like 40+ years. While it sounds excellent, the number is a bit of a marketing ploy. According to some statistics, people stay in a property for less than 15 years (on average). Perhaps this is a good option for a business, but even then, you aren’t likely to stay in the same building for 50 years of business. Even so, one would hope you would be profitable enough to not rely on warranties and overspending for insurances. Remember, these warranties don’t work for the next person who buys your property – the roof warranty is solely for you.

Metal roofs tend to have several decades in lifespan. It’s not surprising considering how sturdy they are and how few parts they are formed from. Most normal roofs are formed from loads of small tiles, meaning they are less strong and stable than if formed by one strong cohesive piece. 

More Durable

A metal roof is extremely durable. Modern technology dictates that huge metal sheets can be created extremely consistently. It’s not like the old days where things would be made by hand. Now we have factories that are pumping out these huge sheets of extremely durable metals that are without problems or defects. A traditional roof has room for error between tiles, giving room for the cold/warm air, precipitation and other treacherous threats to the stability of your home. 

The downside of metal roofs is how they are hard to repair. If your roof DOES become compromised, there’s a decent chance the whole thing will need to be replaced. But overall, the fact that your metal roof is so strong that it probably WON’T get compromised means it will probably have a higher ROI against the repairs, leaks and fixings you’ll need to make on traditional materials. Whether it’s a small metal garage roof or a large commercial metal roof – it should be extremely durable.

Fighting the weather

Metal fights off wind, snow, and rainwater extremely well. This is great news for us in Cambridge – where rainfall can be overly consistent. Especially in the winter. Add in the fact we always have at least a light breeze and fluctuating temperatures – it’s no wonder there are so many roofers operating in this country! 

Roofs also do extremely well to reflect heat, meaning warmth won’t escape through your roof during the winter. It won’t pass through it like it can through basic tiles. On the flip side, Summer won’t get too hot because the sun will reflect away from the roof.


There are loads of different styles to choose from when it comes to a metal roof. No longer are we limited to just a 

few options. Sure, we don’t have choice like we do with tiling – but we can still achieve a lot of the looks that a traditional slate tile does, for example. You can simply Google metal roofs to see all the different variations on the markets these days. Some you might not even realise if they’re metal at all! 

You can choose from such metal materials like steel, aluminium, copper, zinc and so on. Every metal has slightly different properties and price points. Should you want a metal roof, we are more than happy to walk you through some options! 


The big problem with metal roofing is how much it costs in the first instance. This is the key reason that metal roofing hasn’t become mainstream yet like something like clay roofing. Options like concrete tiling and clay tiling is extremely cheap. As a property owner, it’s up to you to weight up the costs against the amount of time you expect to be at the property. Think about things like the cost of repairs, the energy benefits and so on. We don’t mind what you go for, we just want you to be informed about your decision! 

We expect metal to keep gaining popularity as it’s an incredible material that has loads of uses. Who knows, perhaps another type of material that’s better than traditional a