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Slate Roof Installation

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Although it seems like a basic feature of your roof, slate shingles have to be handled with care bye professionals.


Slate is a great choice though whether you already have it or want to add it. Of course, your roof needs to form a watertight layer over your home, protecting it from the elements. Yet you can also get your roof to look great and slate tiling does that for you. Slate roofs are particularly strong, aesthetically pleasing and surprisingly environmentally friendly. 

Slate Roofing

What even is slate? Well, slate is essentially made from rock that is taken from the ground. Then from there, it is turned into shingles. Shingles are fireproof, waterproof and durable. In our opinion, they are some of the best looking roofs you can get. They always give a really clean and rustic feel to your property.


The consensus of the roofing market is that they are some of the highest strength roofing materials you can get too.


Slates are normally installed by overlapping one another. The thin slabs overlap to remain watertight and can stay strong for decades.

What is the lifespan of a slate roof?

As ever, how long is a piece of string. But let’s go into it. The main determinant is the quality of the slates in question. You can get extremely low quality slate shingles and extremely high quality slate shingles. The general (emphasis on general) life expectancy of a slate roof is between 50 to 200 years. Quality varies depending where the material was quarried from. For example, within the same quarry, quality can vastly differ between the materials excavated from the site. However, it’s safe to say that most of the materials on the market are pretty good these days and you should expect decades and decades of use out of them. Other roofing materials have a more fleeting lifespan, averaging between 25 years to 50 years. It can be hard to have that long term think, but the savings on a slate roof are incredible if you do the maths. But it also depends how valuable money is to you now compared to in the future. Another nice benefit is that you won’t need a load of maintenance with a slate roof. 

Should I get slate or tiles?

A lot of people avoid slate tiles due to the cost. It’s quite high compared to other types of roof tiling out there. Then there’s the labour on top. How much will you be paying? It depends on the quality, denseness and size of the tiles in question. You might pay from £3 to £15 per sq ft for slate tiles depending on your roofer. Now when you add in labour, that £3 figure is dragged up to at least £6 per sq ft to install. Obviously the labour costs are going to depend on your roofer and where you are based. The south is generally more expensive than the north, for example. It’s up to you which type of roof you want to have. Yes, slate costs more. But also, yes, it will last a lot longer. 

How do you repair slate tiles and shingles?

Thankfully, slate tiles are some of the best roofing materials to have. They are waterproof and won’t absorb water into the foundations of your roof which causes rot and weakness. It also can’t set on fire so you’re safe in that regard. Mould and fungi also won’t be a problem as it can’t grow on slate. This makes slate roofs need very little maintenance so you aren’t constantly reaching back into your pocket. However, the elements are relentless and will get your roof eventually. The only two kinds of damages you will be looking at are slates becoming damaged, broken off or cracked… Or the flashing might need repairing. Repairing these minor issues is a lot cheaper than getting a replacement as long as your tiles are not shot. This is nice as you can just repair problems as and when they arise, which isn’t often with slate. 


Should I get a slate roof or a tiled roof?

Slate shingle roofs and tiles are pretty similar. However, slate has some advantages over tile, like it lasts longer and requires less maintenance for example. 

You might choose a tiled roof because you can use more colours and get a more bold result. So it depends if aesthetics are more important to you than durability. 

Overall, we would say you are going to get more value from a slate roof as opposed to a tile roof, but it depends how much value you place on the look of your roof. Having said that, a slate roof still looks great, will last ages and we think it’s the better option overall. 

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