The Best Roofing Service in Gedling

We operate all over Nottingham, it’s no secret. Right now we have a decent sized team taking on multiple roofing projects throughout the area. One example of this is Gedling. We’ve been roofers in Gedling since the inception of our company. Just like other areas of Nottinghamshire, we carry out all of our roofing services here. That goes for new roof installations, roof repairs, slating, chimney work, storm repairs and more. Gedling is where we live and are based. As a result, most of our roofing projects come from this area. We know the people, the streets and what people expect of us. We have been fortunate enough to build up an enviable reputation in the area.

Speaking of the storms… we were glad to be of assistance during a difficult time for the Gedling locals. Many of you had difficulties with your roof. This goes for leaks, slates falling off, guttering going wrong and more. It seems like the worst of it is behind us now so everyone can rest relatively easily! No more water dripping in attics!

The next part is a little history about the area we serve, if you’re interested. Or you can scroll down to the bullet points below to read about our service and why you should choose us. Choosing roofers near you is a great idea. We have all our equipment, tools and team within minutes away from you. This cuts out travel time and you can easily get hold of us.

Carlton is an area within the Gedling district. within Nottingham, so it has the standard ’0115’ area code. The population of Carlton in 2001 was 48,493 and an estimated 49,235 in 2011. It will be interesting to see where the population sits in 2021! As mentioned, Carlton lies within the Borough of Gedling, which has a population of 113,543 as predicted in 2011. Gedling was created on 1 April 1974 when the urban districts of Arnold and Carlton were merged. The population is so large because it comprises of other popular areas like Colwick, Gedling Village, Mapperley, Netherfield, Porchester and Thorneywood. However, the suburb or Carlton itself had an estimated population of 6,881 back in 2011.

A little political lesson about the Gedling council. The Conservative party used to dominate the council, but now the Labour Party have the majority with 32 councillors. Conservatives have 15 and liberal democrats have 3. Always good to know these things! Our trade in particular can be affected depending on the powers at be, so we like to stay in the loop.

So we’re writing this page to tell you more about us, our service and why you should choose us if you live in Gedling, Nottingham!

1. Well reviewed.

You can see our google reviews online by simply typing in M&S Roofing Nottingham. Then simple click on our account which will appear in the enter of the screen on mobile or to the right of the page it on desktop. There should be a tab saying reviews. From there, simply check out some of our recent customers’ thoughts about working with M&S! We have yet to have any negative feedback… and we know exactly why! The thing is with business…. yes things go wrong. But it’s about how you react to things going wrong. If we make a mistake, we make sure to rectify the problem and help our customers! If anything, mistakes are our chance to prove why we are worth our salt. We don’t want anyone getting a bad/unfair/low value service from us. So go ahead and check our reviews! There should also be Yell reviews online too as we’ve been part of that site for many years now.

2. Affordable

Price matters. What we do is somewhat of a commodity. Sure, we separate ourselves by being polite, on time and completing everything to a high standard with high quality materials…. but a select few other roofing companies in Gedling and Nottingham can also boast this!

Therefore price becomes very important. Why would you pay £3,000 for something that can be completed for £2,000? You wouldn’t. We are well aware of this and offer great prices to our customers… without skimping out on materials. That’s the crucial part. You can quite easily find a dirt cheap quote if you call enough contractors – but what standard are the materials? Probably horrifically low, and you’ll be calling them again in no time when the materials fail. We are happy to show you which materials we buy and where we get them from – a lot of other roofing firms won’t do this.

So yes, being affordable is important to us. Sure, making a profit is too, but we aren’t crazy with it, we don’t hold people to ransom and so on. Everything is fair and you can always raise the question with us if you don’t think it is.

3. A great team

After being in the trade for well over a decade, we’ve seen lots of people come and go. We have a solid core team who we rely on everyday to push forward with our roofing projects.

Everyone on the team is kind, courteous and respectful of you and your property. There’s nothing worse than having tradesman at your house that you don’t like. We make sure you don’t get stuck into a situation like that.

Everyone is also really skilled and competent, so we can get projects done efficiently and safely.

4. Great materials

Like we mentioned above, you can see the kind of materials we will use on your roof if you like. We don’t go cheap as it will only bite everyone on the backside. Poor materials are a bad way of doing business. It’s obvious as well. If you get consistent problems with your roof, the materials look tacky and everything is going wrong… You can guarantee it’s because of the materials, or possibly the workmanship. We create lasting solutions. We only want to deliver a great service and have longevity in this game. If we ran around giving people terrible materials on their prized possession, their home, we would not have lasted this long in the trade. Using great materials gives you longevity for your roof and longevity in our business venture.

5. Clean

Having tradesman make a mess of your home is a disaster. You want your house to be clean, but you also don’t want the tradesman to do a bad job for you. So you get caught in between a rock and a hard place. Again, we don’t want an awkward experience for you, so we keep everything as clean as possible. We won’t be leaving rubbish in and around your property and we clean up at the end of the day without fail. We also lay down dust sheets where necessary so you don’t get a dirty attic or surrounding areas.

6. Efficient

Working in the roofing trade for decades gives you a strong level of proficiency and efficiency. We have been working with our suppliers for decades, our team for decades and know our profession inside and out. This means for no down time, messing around or many mistakes at all. We have a large enough team to take on several projects all at once. However, we don’t spread ourselves too thin so you have to pay for endless day rates… We put on as many as we can for a project that are needed. Too many cooks will spoil the broth, so we hit the sweet spot on the amount of guys needed at a project.

7. Connections

This ties in with the point above. We have our network and power team completely sorted. The day we need scaffolding? The scaffolders will be there, ready. The same goes for skips and materials. Everything runs like clockwork so you aren’t waiting for pointless actions to occur – we have them sorted in advance. Sure, sometimes we are booked several months in advance, but you can guarantee that when your time comes round to get your roofing project completed – we will be prepared!

That seems to be enough reasons for now. If you want to know any more about our service, you can simply call our number on the website where you will get through to one of the team. We are happy to give free advice, discuss a project and anything else! Thanks for reading.