Top 5 Traits of Excellent Roofing Companies

1) Honest

Be honest. There’s a lot of trust that gets put in the hands of roofing companies. If you want happy customers, repeat customers and recommendations, you’re going to need to be truthful from the get-go. We serve areas like Birmingham, Telford, Shrewsbury, Market Drayton and so on. If we heard our name was spoken badly of, we’d be mortified. ALWAYS be honest about…

– Costs: You should try and make the cost your responsibility at the start of the job. The customer will expect you to deliver what you said you would deliver for the amount you agreed at the start of the deal. No one will be happy with costs being sprung on them. Figure out how much money you need to ensure you can do the work to your best ability and take care of any potential problems. Things can occasionally change, but this is an exception as opposed to a rule.

– Timing: Your customers have their own lives and they need to know how long your work is going to take. Sure, you can’t tell them to the exact hour or sometimes even the exact day. But give them a general timescale like 3-5 weeks and update your customer as much as possible. Again, don’t lie or exaggerate here because it will just bite you. If you say a job will take 2 weeks and it takes 2 months, your customer won’t be best pleased.

– When you’ll work: Don’t say you’re going to show up at 9am and arrive at 11am. Your customer has their own timescales to worry about and you aren’t usually their priority – they’re your priority and you need to treat them that way. If you have to be late, keep strong communication and make sure to let your customer know as soon as possible.

– What needs doing: Plenty of cowboy builders misdiagnose what’s actually needed for their clients so they can add services to the bill that the customer doesn’t actually need. Don’t do this. You’ll be caught out eventually and your reputation will go down along with your business.

2) A Brilliant Team

If you started by yourself and you want to help more people’s roofs, you aren’t going to be able to do everything yourself. Make sure to build up a brilliant and reliable team. Reliable being a key word here as it’s often what can be difficult in the building trade. If you can get hold of skilled AND reliable people, make sure to treat them well as that can be rare in this trade. Being local also helps, we’ve grabbed some great guys from Telford and other areas in Shropshire.

3) Great with People

People are going to need to trust you to work on such a key part of their home. Unlike a lot of builders you aren’t going to be in the customer’s home directly, but you’ll still be within their personal space and seeing a lot of them.

Make the situation easier for you and them by being flexible and easy to deal with. Don’t be a pain to them and work with their situation – all customers will need different things from you.

Make sure to always leave people’s property as clean as possible. There’ always going to be mess during the day but keep this to a minimum. If you’re finished for the day on a property, never leave it messy overnight.

4) Experienced

Roofing comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you want to take care of the larger residential and commercial jobs, you’re going to need to have widespread experience.

How do you build experience?

Having a college course in general construction can help if you have absolutely no experience.

If you’re just starting out, work with a roofer, shadow them and see how they do everything. Learn from every little single thing they do until you think you’re ready to take on someone’s roof. You could always try and do your own roof if you have a house as no one will be relying on you to do a great job.

From flat roofs to glass roofs to slate roofs, there’s a lot to learn about and master. Keep building up your experience to become the best possible roofing firm you can be.

5) Proof

All great roofing firms can prove they are great roofing firms. In the 21st century, you don’t need to rely on word of mouth or just getting work through the people who know and trust you.

The internet is here to solve the problem of people not knowing whether or not you’re the real deal. Information is so easily spread that you can prove to people using the internet whether or not you’re worth their money.

We recommend Checkatrade if you’re a tradesman and want to build up an archive of testimonials of the work you do for people. This medium allows people that get your services to leave an honest review after you’ve completed the work for them. Checkatrade then verified that the reviews is from someone that actually exchanged money with you and your service.

Not to boast but we have over 205 reviews on Checkatrade with an average score of 9.9/10! This means we’ve been proven to be courteous and reliable. Be the best local roofers you can be!

Checkatrade is also great if you’re someone that wants some sort of roofing service. Let’s say you want a roofing company in Telford, you could simply type into Checkatrade ‘Telford, Roofing company’. This will give you a list of roofing companies that you can compare against each other and think will give you the kind of service you want. You want someone to think of you when they think “who are the best roofers in my area?” Even if it’s a simple roof repair, you want people to think of you and have the testimonials to back it up.

6) Problem Solving

Naturally, problems are going to arise as you work and deal with a roof. It’s inevitable. You’re there to deal with a problem in the first place… Problems are going to arise with your supplier, your tools, the team etc.. You’re going to have to get good at dealing with problems everyday, both mentally and physically. You might have given an average cost to replace a roof and have gone way over budget. There are going to be problems like this all the time. If you’re bad at judging this, you could get a roof sq ft calculator for general prices and add the other factors in that you think will come up for the job.

Better yet, you can start to get good at foreseeing problems and deal with them before they even happen. This will save you a lot of time and headache moving forward to it’s a vital skill. Don’t even face the problem, deal with it before it even happens.

Become a master of problem solving and foreseeing problems in the roofing trade and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

One last thing you can do is join reputable sites, like Yell (or yellow pages roofers), MyBuilder and Checkatrade. They will really help to legitimize you. Having local roofers reviews will really set you apart from other people!