Warning signals your roof needs a replacement

Hi everyone! We are back with another article…

Here are some telltale signs which suggest your roof needs to be repaired or replaced…

#1 Cracked Shingles

One of the most important signs is when your shingles are broken or have a crack. If you see a crack, chances are it might soon start leaking once cracked further. It is always better to get the repair ASAP rather than paying for a replacement later. That shingle isn’t going to repair itself! 

#2 Leakage of water or light

Water leakage is a sign that you must get a repair. Immediately. Whether this be on your garage roof, your own property roof, or any type. Similarly, if you see any light emerging through into your attic, you should get the damage repaired ASAP. Water into the home is a recipe for huge, huge problems. Also, ensure you check whether you need to repair your guttering as it plays a vital part in transporting water/rain into the right areas. 

#3 High Energy bills

Well, this was the most unexpected, wasn’t it? If you see a sudden rise in your energy bills, it might be because your roof is leaking heat. If all your windows, doors etc. are well sealed, your roof might be the root cause. Go up there and see if you have any gaps or holes that need to be sealed.

#4 Stains in walls

Another sign is water stains or simply some discolouration on your interior walls. They could also be on the ceiling. This might be because of the moisture coming through your roof. The shingles might be broken. Or, your roof might be old enough that moisture is now trapped and lodged between your shingles and tiles.

#5 Missing shingles

Missing shingles is a key reason to get a repair. Some people might ignore it. Hope for the best. Hope for no further damage. But that’s risky. Leaving any gaps in your roof will spell disaster. Almost every time. Again, it won’t get better by itself and naturally, all roofs will fail eventually. A roof with missing tiles and shingles is going to die eventually. 

#6 Exterior paint peeling

Just like we saw stains in the interior walls, you should also look if there is any peeling or blistering in the exterior wall. Generally, this is seen near the roofline. So, you can examine this to see if there are any marks and signs of an overly weakened structure.

#7 Damage near roof openings

The next sign that your roof needs repair is when you see the wear and tear near roof openings. Some of the places that you should look for are chimneys, pipes, vents and similar elements near your roof. If you see any damage around this area or some strain, you might want to call our roofing service. 

Final words

To conclude, these are some signs that indicate you need a roof repair. If you’re ever unsure, feel free to reach out to us and we can help you out with an inspection and a free quote afterwards if necessary.